20% to the Mountain Rescue

Anti Black Friday statement on orange background with white triangleNo discounts this Friday. Instead we’re donating 20% of sales to the Mountain Rescue. We’ll split this between the England & Wales and Scottish organisations. All sales, all weekend until Monday.

Utility Archive is founded on the idea of harmonising with nature, in terms of our aesthetic and our stance on sustainability which underpins this. We design and make better product that lasts longer. We prioritise quality, therefore longevity, over price. Always. Discounting to generate volume sales doesn’t sit well with us. It encourages over-production and over-consumption. Exactly the opposite of what we should be doing in a climate crisis.

But, the genie’s out of the bottle and we’re all primed to spend at this time of year. But, a growing band of likeminded brands are rejecting the purely commercial approach to Black Friday by shutting shop, raising prices or donating proceeds to charity. I’m very proud Utility Archive is in this camp. This is the right place.

We’re putting our faith in our customers good sense. Buy the product you want, support brands who are making a difference and support the causes they’re supporting. Like the Mountain Rescue. Get into trouble in the mountains, lakes or rivers and it’s this volunteer organisation who’ll help you out. Feels right to help them out. We hope you’ll support us in doing that.

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