We work with a network of small scale UK, European and international manufacturers, each selected for their specific product expertise and our shared values regarding quality, sustainability and enthusiasm for making great product.

Our direct supply chain relationships ensure manufacturer alignment with local and international labour practice, safety and environmental legislation. Also, that our materials, finished product and packaging adheres to environmental and safety standards in the region of sale.

The value of long-term supplier partnerships can’t be underestimated, many of ours have been formed over decades. We take a symbiotic approach, sharing expertise, encouraging transparency and striving to improve together. The benefits of this approach are many; improved issue management, stronger more harmonious relationships, improved efficiency and ultimately better product.

Although much of our design development is handled remotely, as part of our sustainability efforts, we do visit all our suppliers. Meeting face to face allows us to sit with the workers, visit the sample room and production lines, fully understand the facility culture and capabilities. Factories are inspirational places. Full of surprises, and often capable of making products they themselves hadn’t considered. 

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