Form follows function. We apply this classic principle to every creative decision we make about our brand and product. Determine the functionality and design the form around this. They're equally important and must be complimentary to achieve design success. We move between these principles whilst considering ergonomics, performance, quality, materials and colour. Continually refining and reducing until design balance is reached.

Organisational feature layout is an essential part of designing intuitively functional product. Depending on the bag and its expected end-use, organisation is distributed across exterior and interior pockets, features and panels. The optimum layout satisfies the most users and end-uses with the simplest design. It’s the line between versatility and over-specification and we design at this optimum, making bags that function better for more people.

Our backpacks feature concealed pockets. They hide all construction inside the bag, except the zip which allows easy access from the exterior. This design offers intuitive functionality and great security with an understated exterior aesthetic. Accessory loops on our packs unobtrusively follow product design lines and lay flat against body fabric to prevent snagging. The same loop can be used to attach bike lights or lock, identity tag, water bottle or other accessories. 
What about that triangle? We’re not keen on statement logos. After consideration we decided Utility Archive should have one, but it should be modern and understated. Our equilateral triangle couldn’t be simpler but is loaded with reference - it’s the simplest graphic representation of a mountain, the Ordnance Survey Youth Hostel symbol and the strongest shape. It’s also reflective. Which sums up our approach to simple multi-functionality.
Wear-testing is an essential part of the design development process. Our first backpack samples were continually wear-tested for three years and each style has been used in different outdoor and travel environments by numerous testers, feedback cross-referenced and transferred into the collection DNA. We launch our products with absolute confidence that every detail is the best it can be. 
By combining innovative construction techniques with robust materials and industry-leading development experience we make products that last longer, perform better and are more reliable. Outwardly minimal designs that are highly functional and feature-packed. This creative approach to pared-back product design is central to our uniquely understated brand DNA. Modern, minimal, considered and intuitive, aligned with the modern aesthetic and the natural environment. 

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