Our material palette selections are made by cross referencing sustainability, performance and aesthetic characteristics. First choice materials are recycled and recyclable. Recycled materials being the most sustainable choice, and recyclable materials as they can ultimately be fed into our RRR program, helping us achieve greater circularity. We don't use leather or plastic hardware in any of our products. 

In addition to performance characteristics we consider tactility, texture, weight and colour for their positive impact on user experience and aesthetic quality. Subtle changes in material specification can dramatically effect how the final product is perceived. 

Material durability, combined with construction quality is essential to product longevity. Our materials undergo numerous tests such as breaking, tearing and bursting strength, pilling, abrasion, colour fastness and water resistance. They’re also tested to international safety standards, including restricted substances.

We favour Bluesign accredited sources, meaning our materials are produced in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way possible. Our first collection features an innovative recycled canvas, made from PET bottles. This has the relaxed appearance of heavy duty canvas, but is highly durable 100% recycled polyester. It waterproofed with a PFC-free treatment. The lining and heavy grade webbing are also produced from 100% recycled PET bottles. 

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