RRR Repair Repurpose Recycle

Maximising the lifespan of our products is integral to our brand DNA. However, years of continued use can take their toll. We established our RRR program to ensure that no finished product or raw materials make it into landfill.

We have a highly talented repair team whose job it is to return well worn product to a functionally new condition. With photos and a description of the issue they can assess repair feasibility. If repair isn't possible we can consider the alternatives. 

We will repurpose or recycle well worn product and out a gift voucher for the privilege, the amount dependent on the item and its condition. If repurposing the complete product isn't possible then we can break it down into its component parts and repurpose as many of these as possible. 

If the product has reached the end of its life then we will facilitate its breakdown into component parts and recycle these. 

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