Creating new product isn’t an exact science. The inspiration spark is mercurial, ideas can emerge from many places. But some sources can always be relied on. 

Outdoor heritage is hugely influential. Research regularly begins with our namesake archive of outdoor, utilitarian and military product and often extends to other reference sources. The simpler design, stronger construction and better materials employed three or more decades ago resulted in products made to last. We can learn a lot from the old school. 

The modern outdoor experience is a fascinating reference source. Cultural and technological shifts are changing our approach to the outdoors; where we go, what we do, what we carry and how we carry it. We have a family of brand ambassadors, all creative minds who enjoy travelling in the outdoors and whose enthusiastic contribution to our research is invaluable. Insight from this team and feedback from our wear test program is absorbed into the creation process. This helps steer our creativity and ensures our outdoor products are relevant to every aspect of modern life.

The outdoor environment is endlessly inspiring. Being in nature allows first-hand observation of an expansive and everchanging palette of colour, tone, textural and graphic references. The natural world has been documented by creatives and academics for centuries. We regularly turn to the work of artists, photographers, writers, naturalists, environmentalists, scientists, cartographers and many others whose records offer varied perspectives and interpretations of nature.

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