We embrace the significant responsibility of operating a product business sustainably. Our ultimate goal is complete circularity, and we have taken our first steps towards this, but we recognise this journey requires careful growth and investment. Our immediate efforts are focused on building a stable, profitable business with environmental and social considerations embedded into every decision and process. Minimising our impact as a business will help maximise our brand impact and in doing so, improve our ability to be more sustainable. Another circle, right there. 

Our approach to sustainability is applied consistently across all business operations. But we are a product brand, and it is the product - the materials, manufacturing, transportation, packaging and distribution - where our greatest opportunity for sustainability excellence lies. 

- Our products currently use 85% recycled materials, and we are working to reduce the small percentage of virgin materials we do use.
- All of our materials can be recycled. We use higher quality materials. They last longer and extend product life.
- Over 80% of our materials are from Bluesign sources meaning they are produced in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way possible. 
- Our packaging materials are 100% recycled and printed using soya bean ink. 

- Our product and packaging main materials are recycled and are recyclable. We support the consumer in doing this via our RRR program. 
- We use higher quality materials and construction techniques to ensure our products last longer. 

- We strive for the most efficient design and development process reduce product waste. 
- Our production lay plans are industry leading meaning minimal raw material production wastage. 
- Every element of our designs has at least one purpose. We design out all unnecessary details. 
- Where possible we develop product remotely via video link rather than travelling to source. 
- Simpler product designs use less energy to manufacture and less materials. 

- All our products and packaging is designed to be easily disassembled allowing the materials to be repurposed or recycled. 

- All our materials adhere to European REACH regulations meaning they cannot contain hazardous chemicals. 
- Where possible we work with Bluesign material partners. 
- By using the best materials for a specific purpose and reducing the number of individual materials in our products we reduce the possibly of hazardous substance contamination in our products. 

- Through our Repair Repurpose Recycle program we can significantly extend the lifespan of materials and finished product. 

- We design our products to be trend-averse so they’re relevant for longer. Many elements of our design DNA such as our minimalist design style and muted colours are designed to not go out of fashion. 
- Functional features are understated and unobtrusive allowing our bags to be effectively used for multiple activities. 

- Using higher quality materials and construction techniques significantly extends the lifespan of our products.


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