Coombs Wood & Armathwaite Crag

 Sandstone outcrop Armathwaite Crag in Coombs Wood, Cumbria

The Eden Valley isn't a secret, but it’s certainly less well frequented than most of Cumbria. The landscape is in stark contrast to the central Lakes, but just as beautiful, in my opinion anyway. 

Coombs Wood is great to explore on foot or bike. Enter at Longdales hamlet and traverse steep paths then follow the river to reach Armathwaite Crag. There's some bouldering here. I love the colours - the bright orange sandstone and khaki lichen are echoed in the reds and greens of the forest. There’s one section of the outcrop with brilliant sedimentary erosion lines. The river's done the hard work and the weather’s finished it. 

Couple walking in trees at Coombs Wood, Cumbria

Armathwaite Crag by river Eden Coombs Wood, Cumbria

Path through Coombs Wood, Cumbria

Woman gazing at river in woodland

Eroded sandstone outcrop

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