Drawing Strength From Nature

Woman with backpack gazing through woodland to distant river

The past few days have seen Covid 19 really take hold in the UK. Some of our friends and those in our community have it and our thoughts are with them. The wider health, social and economic implications are difficult to comprehend. One certainty - now, more than ever we have to look after each other and ourselves.

Whether working from home, self isolating or simply absorbing the situation, taking time out to find space will benefit us all, assuming local advice and health allow. This is possible even in our most populated cities, be that the garden, park or canal, and if time allows then venturing further afield to rivers, woods or hills.

Being outdoors in nature, and the benefits that brings to physical and mental wellbeing can’t be overstated and are more important now than ever. Time alone to pause, think and recalibrate will make us stronger and more capable of helping those around us; family, friends, neighbours and our wider communities.

This is normally my favourite time of year, being woken early by spring birdsong and seeing the trees laden with blossom. Nature and seasonal change are unaffected by this virus and pausing to recognise this most optimistic time of year is massively reassuring.

When we are out we’re practising social distancing, walking with our hands in our pockets and opening gates with our elbows, it can be done!

From a business point of view of course, it’s disruptive, but we’re working to minimise this. Some points to bear in mind; 

  • Our main focus is the wellbeing of our community; customers, ambassadors and friends, our small staff and wider business network. 
  • Our studio is closed to visitors, I’m in occasionally observing the appropriate precautions. 
  • Our webshop is open of course and we’re happy to continue serving you. Intuitive functionality and optimum organisation make up our design mantra, in other words you'll always be able to find your hand-sanitiser and tissues along with all that other stuff you carry.

And if you do get out and about please share your stories #outdoorseverywhere #utilityarchive

Stay safe


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