Jenny Brown's Point

Morecambe Bay from Jenny Brown's Point

Since arriving in the Lakes we've been lucky with the weather. Very un-Cumbrian. The tail-end of hurricane Epsilon just ended that. And so yesterday we got outside.

Committing to head out in poor weather we’re typically drawn to more water. Rivers, waterfalls and the coast become energised. We opted for the latter, Jenny Brown's Point, at the eastern edge of Morecambe Bay. Perfect wet weather geography, a filigree coastline of wooded limestone crags.

We trudged through wet woodland eventually stumbling out onto salt marsh and shingle. Looking south, a vast expanse of wet sand, mud and grey sky all indistinguishable in the flat light.  

Wandering along the shore the mist lifting, a thin yellow strip began to mark the horizon. Tracing west, Heysham, its power station and into the middle of the bay we made out a murmuration. Small dark clouds of birds morphing into each other. Starlings we guessed, but too distant to be sure.

Breaking weather, dusk and incoming tide turned the sand to mercury. Dry now and no wind, but rain showers are clearly visible rolling south down the bay.

This place can be otherworldly on a summers day, but in this weather its bleak, elemental beauty is totally mesmerising.

Jenny Brown's Point, Morecambe Bay

Morecambe Bay from Jenny Brown's Point

Morecambe Bay from Jenny Brown's Point

Silver grey mudflats and sky at dusk

Morecambe Bay from Jenny Brown's Point

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