No Such Thing As Bad Weather

 Man walking on a soaking wet day with yellow jacket and grey backpack

When we introduced Verena in our previous post she mentioned liking clouds more than sun. Appropriate then that Cumbria was the location of her recent photography workshop, and they were treated to some of the best weather that region has to offer. Some great images of George Buttery and Verena making the most of it. The workshop was hosted by Jack Anstey and @theworldwithsarah

Throughout the weekend Verena put our Fell Zip Backpack through it's paces, “we got soaked and nothing, really nothing was wet inside. I was worried at first but so relieved that all my equipment was completely dry.”

We're lucky to have met Verena at this point in her photography career, as she builds on her portrait and landscape experience and begins to explore brand and lifestyle work. If the results of her recent Cumbria trip are anything to go this could prove a good move.

Woman on a Lake District walk admiring view from bridge

Hiker in yellow jacket fastening backpack chest strap

Photographer outdoors on wet day in yellow rain jacket and grey backpack

Hiker on a wet day in yellow rain jacket carrying grey backpack

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