Northcott Mouth

Upended sandstone rock strata on Northcott Mouth beach

We visited Northcott Mouth beach during an early January trip up the north Cornish coast. Searching for somewhere to overnight in the van we heard  about a shipwreck visible at low tide. With prospect of a little adventure before losing daylight we headed down to the beach. 

The wreck eluded us, but the geology made up for it. Sandstone and shale strata in wild folds and a beautiful palette. Further along the beach, what appeared to be a stack was in-fact a massive rock fin, at 40m impressively vertical, but only an armspan wide. The strata run in 45 degree ridges  along the entire beach, so its not the easiest to navigate but this adds to the rugged beauty.

Folded sandstone rock strata on Northcott Mouth beach

Rock fin on Northcott Mouth beach

Exploring Northcott Mouth beach

Sandstone rock strata on Northcott Mouth beach

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