Pointe Percee Hike, The Aravis Range

Man hiking down rocky path on Pointe Percee

Ben Adams and Joanna Brigham take on the challenging Pointe Percee, highpoint of the Aravis range in the French Prealps. 

The Pointe Percée hike was actually our second attempt. We tried earlier in the summer but were forced back by bad weather. We started from the Col des Annes. It’s possible to do it from the Col in one push, but common to break the ascent with a stop at the Refuge de Gramusset. 

We were really keen to get this one done, but when we realised it was the refuges final day of the summer season, and with the weather being so good we opted to stop for a plat du jour and cafe noisette. The Aravis area is renowned as the birth-place Reblochon cheese and any opportunity to sample Cuisine Savoyarde shouldn’t be missed, that’s how we justified it anyway. 

It’s not an easy hike, the upper sections are exposed and can be prone to rock fall. The ridge at the top is particularly testing, but all worth it for the view of the Mont Blanc Massif from the summit. All in all, a five hour round trip. 

At 2750m Pointe Percee is high point of Aravis range, but the whole area is incredible. As the crow flies it’s only 20 kilometres from Chamonix, but so much quieter. Somewhere we will definitely be spending more of our time.

All photos: Ben Adams. Ben is using his Utility Archive Fell Zip Backpack, 30L in Fjord blue. 

View of the Aravis mountain range with Mont Blanc in the distance

Man with blue backpack hiking down steep rocky path

Man on hike organising backpack

Blue backpack outside mountain hut

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