Tarn Hows, Victorians & Vikings

Woman hiker admiring view over Tarn HowsThis quintessential Lake District beauty spot is a must-visit for many visitors. Rightly so, it’s undeniably beautiful and has an accessible track all the way around. Not so busy on a wet Sunday in Lockdown though.

Originally three tarns, the lower was dammed by the Victorian landowner to create the current one. In addition to this re-landscaping they were busy farming and mining their vast estate. They eventually sold the lot to Beatrix Potter, who passed it on to the National Trust who look after it now.

A few centuries earlier still and those Viking invaders turned settlers populated the area. Not much evidence of them now, except the name - Tarn Hows originates from the Old Norse Tjorn Haugr, the hills by the pools.

Reflection in Tarn Hows Lake District

Mist over Tarn Hows in Cumbria

View over still tarn in Lake District Tarn Hows

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