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Coruisk to Elgol

Looking back to the Cuillin from the Elgol path. Taken on one of the most memorable days in a fortnight of many, April 2011. Our first Skye trip. Having just finished The Wild Places we took @robgmacfarlane advice and ventured to Loch Coruisk. The Elgol boat dropped us at the mouth of the Scavaig. A short walk upriver and the long finger of water comes into view flanked by walls of black gabbro rising 900 metres to the ridge. This is one of the most spectacular loch-side walks in the country. Low tide allowed us to scramble under the notorious ‘bad step’ and continue back to Elgol via the bay at Camasunary. The tiny white dot on the right is the...

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Andalucian Wear Testing

A long day up and down Mulhacen in the Sierra Nevada. At 3,479 metres its highest peak on the Iberian Peninsula and this was the most comprehensive Utility Archive wear test to date. 

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Inspirational Accomodation

My first memories of Pembrokeshire were seeded in the ‘70’s and it remains magical. Spending time in our De Waard Albatros adds to the experience. It is a beast, not the easiest to transport or fastest to set up, but it is the sturdiest. Every element, from pegs and poles to fly-sheet and guys are heavy-duty. Wonderfully comfortable, even in the less clement conditions frequently experienced across our westerly coasts. Mrs A and I had coveted this tent for a long time. I bought it last year as the ideas for Utility Archive were still swirling. And now the brand is close to formed and this brilliantly robust blend of inspiration and accommodation is serving each of its purposes really...

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Bespoke Hardware Samples

Samples of the new Utility Archive hardware designs in raw aluminium. We wanted hardware with a robust aesthetic, like our archive pieces, but with modern functionality. Also, all hardware should match. Not available. So we designed it ourselves. The full hardware set is aluminium, no plastic on any of our products. We chose aluminium as it’s lightweight, strong and doesn’t corrode. It can also be recycled. We’re working on  recycling - repurposing program for all products and raw materials, more detail on that in the new website, coming soon. Getting a little ahead of ourselves? Not really, our viewpoint on sustainability is woven into the fabric of brand.

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Bespoke Hardware Design

Design and development of a bespoke hardware collection for the first Utility Archive bag collection, and the inevitable desk-mess. Designs are inspired in part by hardware from outdoor and military rucksacks from the ‘50’s and ‘60’s. Slightly oversized, so easy to use when cold or wearing gloves, the dimensions and proportions of each piece match and have a subtle, reassuring robustness. All hardware will be aluminium with a raw finish.

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Wear Testing Backpack 01, Iceland

Wear-testing the first Utility Archive Backpack 01 around the Icelandic south coast. Turns out this trip will include the east, north and west coasts too as torrential rain teases us into chasing better weather.

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